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No monetary policy risk. End-to-end secure.

What’s the digital money platform?

It’s a turnkey system for central banks and commercial banks to address payments modernization, financial inclusion and international payments.

The M10 platform supports any type of Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC), or dramatically modernizes payments in a 2-tier monetary system.

Unlike other solutions, M10 gives central banks full flexibility of managing monetary policy. The solution easily handles over 1M tps and is built for resilience, efficiency and ease of use.

The digital money platform includes shared, hierarchical ledgers (one for each currency, or other asset type) and other shared services such as an FX exchange and sanctions screening.

The system as a whole is encrypted end to end using public key cryptography to ensure the most secure and trusted computing environment without sacrificing high speed performance.


With this demo you will be able to run performance tests of our high-performance blockchain ledger and view the results.

You will be able to interact and modify the test parameters to see how our ledger performs in different scenarios. When setting up the test environment, millions of different accounts are created and initialized.

The load generator creates randomized transactions which are loaded into a queue for processing; all for a single currency ledger. For the M10 platform, the distributed ledger consists of three voters which verify the transactions before it’s committed.

The core ledger’s function is to verify, write and log the transactions. The performance results will showcase the characteristics of the ledger against the test parameters.

Check the performance demo

Central Banking

The role of the central bank to manage assets, balances, and monetary policy is consolidated in our admin console. Here a central bank can manage the commercial bank and consumer accounts.

In the future, they will be able to implement monetary policy of creating money, set interest rates, and provide “helicopter drops”.

View the admin demo

Consumer Experience

To show how an individual can use digital currency in their everyday life, we’ve built a mobile app focusing on key functions, simplicity, and ease of use. With the web view of the mobile app, you will be able to view how a payment is made between two users.

The mobile app is part of the M10 solution and can be white labeled by banks as part of the complete solution.

Try the web app demo