Payments modernization without risk

1M+ tps. Secure. Turnkey.

Free of cryptocurrency, M10 digitizes money issuance.

M10 works with central banks and commercial banks by supplying the technology that tokenizes two types of fiat money to ensure a safe, regulatory compliant solution:

  • Commercial bank money (M1)
  • Central bank money (M0)

M10 supplies banks with digital money technology to create a global instant payments network.

Instant cross-border remittance

Funds are settled instantly and both parties are notified immediately that the funds were received.

A purpose-built blockchain and full regulatory compliance avoids the problems of stablecoins.

M10 is faster, cheaper and safer than Libra.

Intra-bank transfers

A bank with branches in several countries needs to transfer funds between them. This may be for the bank’s own purposes or for clients.

This can be painfully slow and only possible during weekdays. No more.

With M10, funds transfer and settle instantly between countries 24x7 without the use of those pesky nostro accounts.

It’s a dream come true for treasury managers.

  • Capital Markets

    Instant settlement of funds and no counter-party risk.

  • Treasury Management

    Check balance and move funds around the globe in real-time.

  • Internet of Things

    High throughput, low latency and low cost payments for IoT.

  • B2B Payments

    Faster access to cash.
    Reduced cost of capital.

  • CBDC

    Central bank digital currency without disrupting commercial banks.

  • P2P Payments

    Instant settlement. Even for cross-border payments.

The benefits of joining the M10 network are real.

  • Federated and fungible

    Get and redeem digital money from any participating bank.

  • 24x7

    Instant settlement 24x7x365. Even when CB’s are closed.

  • Open, secure APIs

    Modern APIs secured through asymmetric cryptography.

  • High throughput

    Up to one million transactions a second at millisecond latency.

  • Low cash requirements

    More efficient cash management for banks.

  • Easy to join and deploy

    Minimum integration effort for banks to join.

  • Instant settlement

    Transferred funds are available immediately.

  • No counterparty risk

    Real-time settlement on every transaction.

  • Built-in FX

    Transactions are faster and cheaper with FX on the rail.

The core of M10 is a centralized, shared hierarchical ledger.

Rather than each bank having its own digital money ledger, M10 provides a shared ledger where all banks and their customers have digital money accounts.

There is one ledger and multiple issuers per currency.

Inter-bank settlement with digital central bank money avoids counterparty risk.

  • M0 Level
    Clearing banks linked to a currency’s RTGS.
  • M1 Level
    Commercial banks and their customers.

The benefit of using a hierarchical ledger is that all accounts are present in the same environment, making transfers instant. It enables instant debits and credits.

Frequently Asked Questions


  • Designed for high throughput, low latency applications.
  • Process up to 1 million transactions per second at millisecond latency.

Open, secure APIs

  • Easy, direct access to open, secure REST-based APIs, or use our SDKs.
  • Quickly build applications with embedded instant cross-border payments capabilities.


  • The ledger guarantees immutability as all transactions are digitally signed.
  • Digital signatures are generated using private keys and are verified using the associated public key.

Join the M10 network without engaging IT.

Banks get on the M10 network by simply signing a network agreement. Customer accounts are funded through our gateways to incumbent payment rails. This means zero IT integration effort for banks.

For added functionality, banks may optionally share a few of their core banking APIs with us and we do the heavy lifting to integrate and deploy a secure on-premise server that communicates with the M10 network.

There is no easier way for banks to get started with digital money.

If you can read, you can use our API.

Developer access to the M10 digital money rail is easy and secure.

It’s a hard problem and that’s what we love.

Founded in 2019, M10's mission is to overcome the problems with transferring money internationally, so people worldwide can do business without friction.

  • Team has achieved several billion dollar exits
  • Deep technical expertise
  • Extensive experience with central banks and commercial banks
  • Well funded
  • Striving for excellence AND having a great time!

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